About me

"Photography is my yoga"

Hi! My name is Viktoria Dobrobabenko
Almost every day I go out to document the magic of life around me as a sequence of moments which will never return. They say you can't stop the time, but i'm sure you can - on the picture. My heart beats happily while creating beautiful portraits, photographing nature and wildlife, travel scenes and street art. 

In 2021 i won a 3rd place in Czech Nature Photo contest in the category "Nature in Prague".

You can view more of my photos on my Flickr account
I speak English, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Polish, basic German and learning Turkish. 
I would love to hear from you and help making your own photostory.​​​​​​
And, apart from being  a passionate photographer, I am also a brand designer at BrandAlchemy.cz and eco-friendly entrepreneur behind Ekovanoce.cz.
Check it out :)
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